About us


We are Build Your Pizza and our duty is serving the best pizza. We offer the experience of making your own delicious pizza, choosing between a whole variety of the best and freshest toppings of the market, awesome sauces and a special selection of sweet toppings. You make it, we bake it.

We will guarantee the finest ingredients and a quick and easy service. Each time you visit us will be a completely different experience full of flavors and possible combinations.

Imagination is the limit.

Our Values

Build Your Pizza is born from the desire of a dedicated family looking for progress and evolution, founding a profitable and successful restaurant while filling the needs of the big community of pizza lovers. We are not only focused on selling an awesome pizza, but also on giving a unique experience of customizing it, having a dedicated and quick service keeping always high quality and fresh ingredients.


We are sure that our work ethic and the ways of dealing with the customers, are the key for us to be your best choice.


We are committed to please the customer's needs by offering the best products and fast service.


Each time you visit us will be a whole new experience. You will be able to create, imagine and mix flavors as you wish.


We focus on the customer’s satisfaction, we will work our best for you to come back and live the BYP experience again.


We will make your visit unique and unforgettable. You will be a part of the BYP family because our best pizza will be the one you make.